Perhaps You Know This About Me

There are traces of me
everywhere online,
some of which I didn’t
even generate,

digital doppelgangers,
spirit doubles
sharing my bread crumb memories

sniffing around me

I know this by
my digital echoes;
away on a holiday
I missed a package
and now I’m assailed by
identity phishing scams
from faux courier firms
bearing real names – DHL, Fed-Ex –
with beguilingly similar
website URLs.

They want more of me;
dangle tidbits of me as lures;
hold me accountable
for my actions.

Other echoes resound
with the knowledge that
I want another
trip to Manhattan;
that I bought the
Advance Reader’s Copy
of David Mitchell’s latest novel
on eBay
and that I just might
need conflict resolution;
a more secure PayPal account;
that I’ve been compromised
forgotten, inadvertently erased.

I like what I liked.
I’m like what I liked.

What’s next?
ghostly doubles who precede
the living person and
are seen performing their actions
in advance.

They’re building their profiles now –
of today’s children before
they’ve developed the personality
they’re going to have.

Adrian Hoad-Reddick, August 14, 2010

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