Curated Newspapers for You and Your Students!


Give your students curatorial power over course content using will give your students (and you) the aggregating power of a newsroom, with customizable sources. You can use well established news sources, track Twitter, Facebook or other social media by keyword, or provide sources for virtual any RSS feed. Your custom news feeds will populate your paper with articles, videos, images and links, allowing you to promote stories to page top headline status, delete stories, or demote them to smaller footer status. The papers can be customized by font and colour palettes and allow embedded Twitter widgets.

Check out Hoadside Attractions, a sample paper that I produced in minutes, combining sources from education, poetry, the worlds of books and writing. allows editorial collaboration if you purchase the inexpensive Pro version. You can set the frequency of your published paper – to update daily or weekly! And check out my feature article on Paolo Bacigalupi – a writer who deserves his new contract with Knopf!


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