Wordplay: KeyWord for December 20, 2013

What KeyWord is found in the definitions of each of the following words?

hackle __________
full nelson ________
snog ______________
lavalliere ____________
napal ________________   _________________ (6)

There are hundreds more KeyWord Puzzles on the KeyWord Server.

spread the good words,

Answers from Last Day: 

  1. GALAXIES (axes)
  2. CLIPBOARD (clip)
  3. INTERIM (trim)
  4. BUTTERSCOTH (etch)
  5. PARSNIP (snip)
  7. BIOSPHERE (bore)
  8. LAVISH (lash)
  9. BATHROBE (barb)
  10. EQUIPMENT (quip)
  11. ASTROLABE (stab)
  12. GRANDPARENT (pare)
  13. OKTOBERFEST (kerf)
  14. VANDALIZE (adze)
  15. MILLINERY (mill)
  16. HEADWIND (hewn)
  18. HOMETOWN (hewn)
  19. COLESLAW (claw)
  20. EARSPLITTING (slit)

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