Happy 30th, Mac!

Thirty years ago I lived beside the University of Toronto Bookstore in Sir Daniel Wilson residence. My frequent forays across the alley into the store were generally to browse the new fiction shelves. On or about this day in 1984, I discovered the Macintosh computer set up on a table just inside the front entry door of the store.

I was transfixed by this computer. My previous experiences with computers had been line prompt-driven screens on Vic-20s or large card reading HP machines in high school. The graphic user interface of the Mac opened my world to the power of computers. I frequented the store to such a degree that I began demonstrating the computer to prospective purchasers. One such buyer, Tim S., asked me to take care of his new Mac one summer while he visited Paris. What a thrill!

I was soon desktop publishing a catalogue of my 180+ cassette music collection and falling in love with a tool that truly enabled my creativity. What a watershed moment for me. I’ve been a happy geek ever since.

Thanks to my dear friend Jamie Lawson, I have one of the early Macs in my office at home. It works like a charm, and the smiling face reminds me of those winter days in January 1984 when I would set aside the novels from my first year English survey course to go play on the magical Macintosh computer at the bookstore.

Happy Birthday, Mac!

Double Play

In order to make sense of the letters below, you need to add a letter at the start of the expression, divide the string of letters, and insert the same letter again. The result will be an alliterative familiar phrase of two words. Take “eachall” for example, add a ‘b’ before the ‘e’, divide the expression between the ‘h’ and ‘a’ and add the ‘b’ again. The result is BEACH BALL. See if you can turn these double plays.

_________ _________ 1. agleyed
_________ _________ 2. atree
_________ _________ 3. cutengle
_________ _________ 4. ieow
_________ _________ 5. elftarter
_________ _________ 6.eteraid
_________ _________ 7. iceersa
_________ _________ 8. igrother
_________ _________ 9. irecteposit
_________ _________ 10. itteratter
_________ _________ 11. ndiank
_________ _________ 12. nockneed
_________ _________ 13. oldall
_________ _________ 14. oonsense
_________ _________ 15. ouchone
_________ _________ 16. oum
_________ _________ 17. ptut
_________ _________ 18. reaseun
_________ _________ 19. ristatch
_________ _________ 20. sep
_________ _________ 21. umpingack
_________ _________ 22. ussianevolution

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Transform the source word into the target word wising letter swapping and letter banking. In this version of the puzzle, some graphical support and clues are provided en route.


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Answers from Last Day: 1. porter, 2. portly, 3. Portia, 4. portal, 5. portage, 6. portend, 7. portico, 8. Portugal, 9. portrait, 10. portable, 11. portfolio, 12. portcullis, 13. portmanteau, 14. porterhouse, Bonus: portolan

Port Authority

Not just any port* word in a storm! The following clues will help you 
to navigate to the correct port* words.

1. luggage handler (6)
2. euphemism for fat (6)
3. heiress in 'A Merchant of Venice', or satellite of Uranus (6)
4. grand entryway, or small vein supplying the liver (6)
5. overland trek between navigable waterways (7)
6. sign of something about to happen (7)
7. roofed walkway leading to an entrance (7)
8. westernmost country of mainland Europe (8)
9. likeness of a person (8)
10. conveniently transported, like a laptop computer (8)
11. often an admissions requirement for arts students (9)
12. it bars entry to the castle via the gate (10)
13. large travelling bag, or kind of word in 'The Jabberwocky'(11)
14. large steak (11)

Bonus clue: historically, a book of sea routes and sailing directions (8)

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Answers from Last Day: Striking Gold 1. Golden Rule, 2. golden handshake, 
3. Goldilocks, 4. Oliver Goldsmith, 5. gold-bearing, 6. Gold Coast, 
7. Goldfinger, 8. gold-digger, 9. Gold Standard, 10. Golden Calf, 
11. golden boy, 12. Golden Delicious, 13. goldmine, 14. golden handcuffs, 
15. Golden Ticket, 16. golden years, 17. California Golden Seals, 
18. William Golding, 19. fool's gold, 20. Golden Oldie.

Striking Gold

A tribute to the Sochi Winter Olympics and the imminent gold medal hunt. Solve the following clues to *GOLD* words and phrases:

1. Do unto others…
2. payment given to someone who is made redundant or retires early
3. she features in “The Story of the Three Bears”
4. author of the 1773 dramatic comedy “She Stoops to Conquer”
5. auriferous; containg gold
6. former name for the Republic of Ghana
7. Ian Fleming novel featuring Pussy Galore
8. woman who forms relationships with men for financial gain
9. a paragon of excellence
10. idol made by Aaron for the Israelites to worship; destroyed by Moses
11. man who is unusually successful at an early age
12. sweet eating apple with yellow skin
13. a source of wealth; esp. a source of abundant income or profit
14. arrangement designed by an employer to discourage an employee from wanting to leave
15. Charlie Bucket finds one in a Wonka candy bar
16. the time of life after retirement from active work
17. Former Oakland-based NHL team
18. English novelist (1911-1993) who brought us Piggy and Ralph
19. common mineral (iron disulfide) that has a pale yellow colour
20. familiar old song, film, etc., that remains popular and is still regarded with affection

Watership Down Crossword

Here’s a Watership Down Crossword from the guy who calls his car’s GPS ‘Fiver’!

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Answers from last day: Great approach shots on the Elora Links course:
1. speciality – forte, niche; 2. disqualify – bar, nix; 3. horizontal – flat, even; 4. prurient – lewd, hot; 5. noncommital – vague, wary; 6. migrant – mover, nomad, rover; 7. malediction – oath, jink, cuss, hex; 8. inveigle – con, oil; 9. covenant – bond, deed, deal.



The nouns are laconic, out of the southwest on this bright day. The Elora Gorge Course is in fine fettle. The objective of each hole is to provide the SHORTEST synonym for the offered word. Par ratings are provided. Scoring is based on word length. Great approach shots will be published next day!

Elora Gorge Links Word Course – Front Nine

Hole Synonym Score Word Par
1 ___________ _____ speciality 5
2 ___________ _____ disqualify 3
3 ___________ _____ horizontal 4
4 ___________ _____ prurient 4
5 ___________ _____ noncommittal 5
6 ___________ _____ migrant 5
7 ___________ _____ malediction 3
8 ___________ _____ inveigle 3
9 ___________ _____ covenant 4

Answers from last day:

R E S I D U E  1. matter that remains after something is removed
P R E S A G E  2. a sign of something about to happen
F O R E S E E  3. act in advance of; anticipate
D I G R E S S  4. wander off topic
M A T U R E S  5. grows older