The nouns are laconic, out of the southwest on this bright day. The Elora Gorge Course is in fine fettle. The objective of each hole is to provide the SHORTEST synonym for the offered word. Par ratings are provided. Scoring is based on word length. Great approach shots will be published next day!

Elora Gorge Links Word Course – Front Nine

Hole Synonym Score Word Par
1 ___________ _____ speciality 5
2 ___________ _____ disqualify 3
3 ___________ _____ horizontal 4
4 ___________ _____ prurient 4
5 ___________ _____ noncommittal 5
6 ___________ _____ migrant 5
7 ___________ _____ malediction 3
8 ___________ _____ inveigle 3
9 ___________ _____ covenant 4

Answers from last day:

R E S I D U E  1. matter that remains after something is removed
P R E S A G E  2. a sign of something about to happen
F O R E S E E  3. act in advance of; anticipate
D I G R E S S  4. wander off topic
M A T U R E S  5. grows older

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