The Vocabaret – March 25, 2014

Wordstream by Hoadworks

Letterswap and letter bank your way from source to target words.

ANSWERS from YESTERDAY: HARPS ICILY (in addition to Charily Sip, Charily Pis, Charily Psi, Scarily Hip, Scarily Phi, Racily Hips, Racily Phis, Racily Ship, Hail Crispy, Hails Pricy, Apish Lyric, Hairy Clips, Harps Icily, Sharp Icily, Rah Spicily, Rial Physic,Lira Physic, Lair Physic, Rail Physic, Liar Physic, Riyals Chip, Riyal Chips, Sail Chirpy, Ails Chirpy, Air Sylphic, Prays Chili, Raspy Chili, Spray Chili.)