Elora, Ontario, CANADA

Bio: Adrian Hoad-Reddick is a teacher, poet, radio host, wordsmith, idea farmer and CEO of Hoadworks, inc., a new media company championing creativity and literacy by providing innovative educational content, resources and games. Adrian has over twenty-five years of English language and literature teaching experience; he never grows any less inspired by the closing lines of The Great Gatsby, or the opening lines of Watership Down. Adrian works tirelessly to inspire young writers. At the centre of these efforts is a belief in making it real and making it fun. He has served on organizing committees for several writers' festivals, bringing published writers and motivated young readers and writers together. He coordinates the annual Eden Mills Young Writers Workshop. Many of Adrian's most rewarding teaching moments come in a radio studio, working with his students in producing live radio on The Poem Repair Shop Radio Show, or in classroom collaborations creating web or eBook Digital Reader's Guides to novels by visiting Writers in Residence. Adrian's iPod is filled with speeches, radio ads and stories by former students. Adrian is a word puzzle fan and computer enthusiast. His word puzzles have appeared in Games Magazine, Games' World of Puzzles, Health Quarterly and What If? magazine. Adrian's Vocabaret (formerly Wordly-Wise) listserver delivers wordplay to thousands of subscribers. Adrian has compiled into book form his most popular word game titles for use in high school English language classes (stay tuned!). Adrian has developed computer games, including Cobble: Solitaire for Word Lovers (in beta mode on Facebook and in development for mobile devices) and the animated head-to-head trivia game The Brainslider. His Bookhooks.com website allows active readers to publish illustrated book reviews online. Bookhooks recently exceeded a milestone of 70,000 published reports.

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