Teaching with Passion

20130727-122036.jpgI recently completed a MOOC titled Know Thyself, an eye opening and very capably designed philosophy course centred on the concept of self.  In one lecture, the professor quoted studies that found that any consistently delivered therapy was equally likely to be successful with the patient.

That leads me to wonder if that may be the case in education – whether any consistently and passionately applied educational philosophy is equally likely to find success with students. If this is so, (and I’ve not yet reached that conclusion) I am compelled to wonder about the nature of the common elements that constitute ‘consistency and passion’.  Can we distil the potent liquor of teaching approaches to an essence? I’ve never cohered well to strictly defined curricula or methods or processes. Perhaps I just want to believe that it comes down to essential human characteristics – humour, fairness, creativity and an empathic openness to the individual.

Where this concept fails for me is with regards to technology in our highly complex and technologized world. To what extent can we prepare students for work and play in a world of technology without the technology, and without the technology riding shotgun on our cross-curricular tour of knowledge and skills.